Our Environmental Vision

Organisations must consider and address their environmental impact. At Leaside we are implementing a 5-year plan to reduce our environmental impact and educate our community on what they can do in their daily lives to be more environmentally responsible. Leaside will develop environmental awareness in our clients and the organisations that support us by creating a community space that exemplifies a high standard of environmental awareness. Will will also raise awareness and promote a desire in staff and clients to improve our and our community’s environmental impact.

Leaside is committed to:

  • reducing our environmental impact and making our activities more sustainable
  • encouraging our participants to be environmentally aware through education and example
  • championing environmental stewardship and individual responsibility
  • supporting and restoring our natural environment

We are working to:

  • improve the infrastructure at Leaside to be more energy efficient and reduce our overall environmental footprint
  • raise awareness in our community on what we can do and what they can do to to help our local natural environment and River Lea recover from decades of pollution
  • educate our users and community to be aware of and reduce their impact on our local and world environment

Leaside will deliver this commitment to reducing our environmental impact through six key themes.