Welcome to Leaside – where adventure meets purpose!

Leaside is a community place to meet, to play, to learn, to support each other and to pause. Everyone is welcome. Come join us.

Leaside delivers the thrill of outdoor adventure activities balanced with safe, enjoyable learning for everyone. Our mission is to serve the local community, especially young people, by providing opportunities for water based activity, environmental learning, a community shared space and adventure. From kayaking iconic London waterways, paddleboarding, mountain biking, and hiking to boat rentals and venue hire. Each adventure isn’t just about fun—it is about growing, developing, learning, connecting and community. It can also be an opportunity to delve into London’s history, culture and awe-inspiring landscapes. Our activities offer a community connection. We are a community place to meet, to play, to learn, to support each other and to pause. Everyone is welcome. Come join us.

As Hackney’s sole charitable trust dedicated to our community, to paddling, adventure and the environment, every day, we empower individuals across age groups who otherwise lack access to the natural world. Our community hub aims to unlock capabilities and provide opportunities for engagement that make a tangible difference to individuals. Our activity sessions are available to individuals, schools, community groups, families as well as corporates. Working with you, sessions and courses are tailored to your abilities and can be peer led or delivered by experienced professional coaches. By joining our activities, you contribute to a purpose-driven initiative that aims to combat social isolation, boost mental well-being, and build a stronger community united by shared experiences.Our amazing location on the River Lea is nestled within Metropolitan Open Land overlooking the stunning Walthamstow Marshes. We are close to the Lea Valley Regional Park and the Olympic Park all connected by the River Lea and its tow path.

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Why Choose Leaside’s Outdoor Activities in London?
Our mission enriches lives by delivering experiences that have a lasting impact. Whether it’s a joyful family day out, an engaging group activity, or an enlightening school excursion, Leaside is your partner in creating experiences that drive a positive impact to our communities. The challenges of social isolation and the impact on physical and mental health are significant in Londoners’ lives. That’s why our work is geared towards health and fitness, learning, connecting people, nurturing confidence, fostering interaction with nature, and alleviating stress.

  • New or Improving Skills
    Join us on an adult or youth session, with your school or youth club or with your company to learn and develop your paddling skills; get fit, increase confidence, improve your mental health and develop teamwork and leadership skills. Or take part in one of our environmental learning sessions.
  • Environmental Education / Responsibility
    Learn more about how you can help improve our environment. Join us on a litter pick on the river or tow paths. Our dedication to preserving London’s natural beauty echoes our values. Through eco-friendly practices, we ensure a minimal footprint for future generations.
  • Schools
    A fantastic schools programme to enhance youth learning in the outdoors linked to the requirements of the national curriculum and PE lessons. We have also joined forces with EcoActive to offer hybrid sessions where we blend environmental theory sessions in our classroom with outdoor activity sessions.
  • Expert Guides
    Our team comprises experienced, certified instructors passionate about sharing their love for outdoor activities. They ensure your safety, provide valuable tips, and make your experience memorable, whether a beginner or an experienced adventurer.
  • Diverse & Inclusive Activities
    From kayaking the River Thames to biking hidden trails, our activities cater to everyone, fostering inclusivity in alignment with our core community values.
  • Quality Equipment
    We believe in offering the best equipment to enhance your experience. All our equipment is checked regularly to ensure a smooth paddle around East London’s landscapes.
  • Tailored Experiences
    Our adventure offerings cater to diverse groups and occasions. Whether it’s a thrilling outing for a large group of kids, a birthday party, a family day out, or a team-building event, we have the perfect experience for you.